Buckna, Co. Antrim

Buckna is situated in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. It is located inside the province of Ulster. Geographically-speaking, it can be found in the North region of Ireland.


Latitude / Longitude: 52.00402, -0.75279

UTM: Northing: 5763870, Easting: 654249, Zone: 30U


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Tue Apr 17
Buckna to Broughshane by Robert Scott Thompson https://t.co/gTplEv9Esy #Buckna #Slemish #Antrim
Tomáš Kučera

Tomáš Kučera

Tue Apr 17
@robertzaruba Za mě jednoznačně Mike Buckna ;)
Kamerad Kai Germann

Kamerad Kai Germann

Sat Apr 14
@wXwGermany @nswshow Baxxter und Buckna gewinnen erneut 😧
wXw Germany

wXw Germany

Sat Apr 14
Of Course we have a little warm-up match for you. It's Rick Baxxter, Marcus Monere & Matt Buckna vs. Projekt Gold &… https://t.co/ZNUW9p8PNz


Businesses, hotels and pubs that are situated in this area.

The Royal British Legion - Bletchley
Charity Organization, Bar
Barbershop Melrose
Hair Salon, Barber Shop
Denbigh Club
Sports & Recreation
The Old Swan
Bar, Pub
Rickley Park Primary School
Elementary School
Bletchley Park
History Museum
Primark Milton Keynes
Department Store
Furniture Store, Big Box Retailer
Milton Keynes College
College & University
Chimichanga Mk1
Mexican Restaurant

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